mr. Chou good morning good morning good morning everyone there we go it’s not just any kind of watermelon it’s a sugar baby sugar baby good morning we woke up a little bit late this morning but we’re gonna have some watermelon for breakfast and today we are kind of talking about it while we are getting ready that we might just do a totally raw day because we’ve been cooking well I’ve been cooking we’ve been eating a lot of all the stuff that I’m making for the cookbook so I’ve been cooking a lot lately and we kind of just wanna like take break and enjoy all of the runs yeah and enjoy all the wonderful fruits summer because it’s summertime here well videos cancel that is why mommy’s not good wow that’s very pink damn in there seeds in it whoa so you know it’s Oh Oh baby yeah okay this I just took a bite it tastes like a watermelon candy you know yeah like how they would simulate the watermelon flavor that’s what it tastes like this is quality yeah super heavy I’m gonna let that digest and then I think we’re gonna head to the gym because I’m not in focus better um I think we’re gonna head to the gym because that’s pretty much what our daily life has consisted of I make a ton of food we shoot a ton of food we go to the gym that’s pretty much our life at the moment letting you know that it’s good to have a Ronda you know it’s good why melons not for you yeah we have a ton of fresh fruits and veggies right now mostly fruits so we just decided we got to use up all this fruit anyways might as well enjoy it all day don’t be afraid of fruits guys I have a lot of people ask if fruit sugars bad for you and it’s really not don’t be afraid of eating fruits mother nature provided us with the best only the best you just don’t want to eat a lot of fruit on top of cook food because you’ll have a lot of bloating and fermentation yeah so always start your day with fruits hydrate with water make sure you’re exercising moving that lymphatic system also lately on the past few days I’ve been feeling really bloated and I think it’s possibly from all the random food combinations from making so many different recipes every day and also I’m coming near the end of my cycle so my body’s in preparation for all that good stuff that happens every month so I think it’ll be good to just kind of do a little reset with all this raw delicious food yeah [Music] you spit or swallow your wire melon seeds I swallow my watermelon seeds so do I look who’s in the driver’s seat once you’ve got their license back what got my license back I mean isn’t that the stress of a driving I’m not an assertive driver and I really don’t like driving only like driving if I’m in the country and there’s not a lot of traffic I get anxiety driving in traffic I just always feel like people are gonna hit me so I’m like not assertive I’m a very passive driver yeah Kyle’s a much better driver than me and I’m so happy that he has his license back because now I can sit in the passenger seat and I can vlog and I can chill and I can go on my phone and just not have to stress about driving anyways we finished our watermelons we digest it a little bit I’m feeling pumped off that watermelon and I’m super excited to do a workout and I’m excited because it’s upper-body day and I’m loving upper body days lately I don’t know why it’s become my new favorite thing to Train I think mostly because that’s where I’ve seen like the most progress because I had zero muscle on my upper body the car baby should I do the challenge I mean I’m not the best booty popper so I don’t know if I can do it [Music] what up these are necessarily warm up when I’m doing shoulders I want my shoulder [Music] [Music] feels so good to feel strong like it push-ups or just feel like a boss come on ever been able to do them before okay girls train your upper body is freakin awesome [Music] she’s hanging for a while got any tips on pull-ups check out my mad fit Instagram video I did a whole video on how I been working on doing pull-ups today I’m a little bit tired usually I can do two now which is awesome but today I just do a little hold at the time [Music] we’re triceps tricep [Music] jack-jack oh no greetings today you sleeping workout was fantastic you’re now home arms are pumped look guys I have muscles see being vegan grow some solid solid gains no it is time to eat that watermelon has all digested and I am ready to eat all the magical goodness that we have left to eat today I’m gonna make a quick little umm protein smoothie this isn’t the flavor I’m using but Viva life protein is raw it’s raw which means I can have protein not like I’m really trying to be strict with what I’m eating today but I just wanted to mention that it’s wrong I need vanilla not chocolate for those of you that don’t know I’m a vivo life ambassador and vivo life is a supplement company that makes a bunch of vegan supplements and honestly their stuff is the best quality and I do feel like the protein I’ve been having the protein after every single workout I have it before or after I don’t really know if it matters I’m still a beginner I don’t know I recover a lot faster when I do have it and I just like it to make sure that I get enough protein every single day that I need because I’m lifting lots I’m working out yeah yeah frozen banana wild blueberries we’re adding some unsweetened almond milk not sure if this is technically raw no I’m also gonna add in this is also from vivo like their thrive for her raw green superfood powder in the flavor wild berry because I have lots of berries they also have a pineapple and lemongrass flavor which I really like and I use in like green circles bunch of good stuff and if you guys want to check out the vivo life products there will always be a link in the description and you can use my discount code Maddy ten and receive a discount scoop of vanilla put too much liquid in this one but it’s good these are tree-ripened mangoes and they’re the best mangoes I’ve had in Canada they’re expensive but we got them on sale and I’m trying to turn them inside out and they keep breaking mangoes so I’m gonna make myself a little fruit platter with some mangoes I’ve got some berries as well I may have a few bananas if I’m not totally satisfied but I think it’s a lot of food yeah I think with the mangoes I’ll be satisfied after this and the smoothie break I’m trying to make like a pretty fruit platter picture you know but guys well Bernie Kosar not working with me if you are raw vegan let me know in the comments I mean some people would say hey you didn’t finish that but sorry this is finished to me how’s it looking looking fab take down what you know blueberry here yeah there you go here’s your raw lunch and the mangos I didn’t make it mangoes it in me hey leave those for me they’re on everywhere in the fridge one is a Mac guys I’m having a meal of lemons I’ll be eating about six straight lemons to my face that should be a challenge that’s [Music] and I was thinking about why I was too happy why was I meeting another mango I’m gonna make a solid and green juice for dinner savage killing so many plants today mm-hmm you know plants up feelings this mangos screaming right now obviously I’m joking eat the fruits from Mother Earth not the living beings okay we’re gonna do we have a ton of kale that we need to use we’re gonna do lemon ginger cucumber and apples we’ve been juicing pretty much every day usually in the evenings too because that’s when we have time to like cut up all the produce and juice it and clean it it’s like a little evening ritual for us [Music] [Music] hmm wow that’s so yummy okay so got my kale marinated in the dressing and if you want to see how I make that I’ll link the video down below I’m just gonna add cherry tomatoes that I sliced up or grape tomatoes whatever you want to call them and some cucumber not all this cucumber because I don’t like a lot of cucumbers I’ll eat the rest with some salt if I have like avocado I would have made like a dressing out of avocado or a fat red bell pepper I would have put that in there but you only have a lot of veggies so this will do that’s some hemp seeds that’s me I’m a klutz oh look at all them greens guys I’m so healthy tomorrow I’m gonna be like where’s the vegan ice cream that’s good it’s all in the dressing hmm alright guys so that pretty much concludes my day of raw eating I’m sure I’m gonna be quite full after this full of kale salad in this juice today I probably ate less calories than I would on a normal day but I’m not stressing eating a full day of raw you’re eating a lot of high water content fruits and vegetables and it’s more or less the feeling of like a flush just kind of like a reset and I don’t like use raw foods to like reset or whatever but if I feeling like a little bit off I do tend to just stick to raw foods naturally like that’s what I’m more drawn to is just eating more raw foods because things like beans and sometimes grains don’t digest the best for me usually they do but some days especially like at that time in my cycle I do feel a little bit bloated and when we have lots of yummy fruits and veggies especially in the summer here in Canada like watermelons mangoes we always just turned to that so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this little raw day and it was a little different than what you guys are used to seeing from me I hope you guys enjoyed it I’m going to eat this salad give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it if you have any raw recipes that you would like me to try out maybe in another what i eating today raw day let me know I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in the next video [Music] you [Music]

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