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Tips for IBM* Diabetics

tips to lower blood sugar for IBM* diabetics

Top 8 Tips to Optimize Your Blood Sugar Level

With regard to insulin resistance, research shows intermittent fasting promotes insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar management by increasing insulin-mediated glucose uptake rates.

While there are a number of different intermittent fasting protocols, my preference is fasting daily for 18 hours and eating all meals within a six-hour window. If you’re new to the concept of intermittent fasting, consider starting by skipping breakfast and have your lunch and dinner within a six-hour timeframe, say 11 AM and 5 PM, making sure you stop eating three hours before going to bed.

This works for me in the short run, but does not help my blood sugar reading go down quickly.

Research10,11 has also shown men who eat supper at least two hours before bedtime have a 26% lower risk of prostate cancer…

This is reason enough for IBMs* to not eat late at night.

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