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I am out at a downtown Jax McDonald’s killing time before my doctor appointment at the Means Center. The free health care is better than most paid. It’s all connected to Shands Hospital and the University of Florida.

At the clinic, it’s 8 am which is when my appointment with the doctor. The clerk came out and apologized that while the doctors and nurse practitioners were there, there could be a delay for a few minutes while they waited for a couple of MAs to arrive.

Now, there were only 3 of us waiting. One scrunchy looking woman just had to bitch and moan about it. “This is bullshit.” We had to wait all of 5 minutes.

When was the last time your doctor sent someone out to apologize for a 5 minute wait?

Later, I went to the pharmacy where I get diabetes meds free also. The way people bitch, you would think you had to donate a kidney to get some Metformin.

Clerks were busy at all 6 windows (behind bulletproof glass) dispensing free and low cost meds. You had to get past the metal detectors and security just to get in the room. And still people bitch.

“I’m going to have to sit down.” Another 5 minute wait strikes.

Half of the meds would not be necessary if fat ass complainers would down a few less cheeseburgers between doctor visits.

Think about it. Half of these patients are homeless. They could be sleeping on the sidewalk. And they are complaining about waiting for free meds. At least they are inside out of the Florida heat and afternoon showers.

“No thanks ma’am. I’ll just wait here in the corner and watch TV for a while. Please serve those other patients first.”

Does that homeless fat ass have an office to get back to?

I think I understand why chefs spit in the food if you send it back. My nephew works at P.F. Changs, and there are scammy diners who complain about everything trying to get comped by the manager for free food.

But the Shands Pharmacy is already free. If you complain, no one is going to hand you a free dessert.

“My EpiPen doesn’t seem right. How about a few OxyContin to make up for it?”

At the doctor’s, my blood sugar was 99. I’m on the right track. I know many people hate Metformin, but it works for me.

My goal over the next 77 days is to reverse diabetes, get my A1C under 7, and get off all diabetes meds. I can’t know what my final results will be, but I do know I need to stick to the vegan diet and get more exercise.

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