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Sugar and OMAD

I have been testing OMAD – One Meal A Day – with success.

By noon each day, my glucose readings are below 100.  Trouble is, after one meal, the number shoots up by 200 to 300 points.,

I wake up early in the morning and test my glucose level.  My sugar goes up at night, a not uncommon phenomena.  The body raises the glucose to protect vital organs when you sleep.  I also tend to eat too much late at night.

Recently I’ve been sloppy, and my sugar reads 250 or so each morning.  It quickly goes down a hundred points over a couple of hours, but that’s not good enough.  

When I do a real water fast, my numbers will be under 100 after 1 to 3 days.  But I don’t really want to fast.  It seems to get harder to me each time I do it, not easier.

So my system is simple.  No food if the blood sugar reading is above 120.  None.

If I am below 120, but above 100, I will restrict my food to my big tray where I load up on salad, steamed vegetables, some canned vegetables and beans, and maybe some apple sauce or berries.  It’s a huge meal that takes longer to eat than to prepare.

The only part of the meal that has any real calories is the beans, usually chili beans.  I also use Skinny Girl no fat salad dressing to keep the oils down.

(Look for Skinny Girl Poppy Seed dressing at a local store or Walmart.  It’s too expensive on Amazon.)

If my sugar is below 100, I can add some starchy carbs to the meal as a “dessert”

The first starch to add is oatmeal.  I did not grow up eating oatmeal, but I like it now.  I put in some cinnamon, dried cranberries, and maybe top it with raw sugar or maple syrup.  You can also use dried chopped dates and skip the sugars.

I will also go with baked potatoes also.  Instead of fake vegan butter, I use Skinny Girl Poppy Seed dressing.  Tastes great, and no olive oil.

Fresh corn is a great dessert, as is a baked sweet potato.  If you are diabetic, you have to test your body to see what you need to do.  Fat is a bigger enemy than sugar and starch.

Once I have a meal, I test and wait until my numbers are back down to eat again.  I might have 1 meal today.  I might have 3, but the vegetable tray is the base.

As I build out IBM* and other blogs, I will document and track my development in reinventing myself and loving the rest of my life.  As with anyone, this involves maximizing your health, wealth, and relationships.

To begin, I recommend a whole food, plant based vegan diet.  Why?  A vegan diet is the only one scientifically proven to prevent or even reverse age and lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

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