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I am making a big pot of soup again for the first time in a while. I just thought about all the waste from vegetables that I’m putting on the compost pile, and why I’m not saving some of these to use in my vegan stock.


I can use the stock part of broccoli and cauliflower plus some of the trimmings from red cabbage in my soups in the future.


The idea behind this dailypedia is that all of my raw notes and content are posted in one place on Then any parts of it that are needed for articles, post, or e-books, are extracted and posted on a different blog after having been edited.


The attacks around the country to defund or disband police forces are little bit hard to understand. Part of the problem is every time the police have a problem, they tend to try to paper it over instead of making changes to basic police procedures.


I do believe most people could live with occasional shootings if they thought they were all justified.


Trouble is, when every routine cop is suited up like a SWAT member, it’s hard to think of them as being officer friendly.


I know a lot of people throughout the United States that used to be very active on Facebook but are now being very quiet.


I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Many of these people live in flyover states, are very familiar with firearms, many are ex-military, and at some point they are going to fight back.


The people that are moving to the country, are the ones who have the money to get out of town. But as we saw during the lockdown, most people can’t even last 2 to 4 weeks on their savings. How are they going to make the move?


I don’t want to be a farmer. But at what point do I have to plant a garden in the backyard just to have a few extra foodstuffs to eat. I just took down a damaged grapefruit tree that used to produce so much fruit it was unbelievable. I used to give away basket after basket to relatives. Fruit trees I don’t mind.


I have a pretty healthy compost pile in the back. It may be time to have some small garden plot planter but it’s a little bit late in the season.


One thing we could do to save money, would be to collect some wood or have the trees trimmed and have the wood cut into fireplace lengths so it could be used in the fireplace in the winter.


Jacksonville doesn’t get all that cold. You could get rid of your central heating all together and just live off the fireplace.


I’m doing a new reset on these daily ritual pages. The first day will be September 14th, my fiscal year. I’m doing this because I’m getting serious and really radical for the next year.


It’s becoming very clear to me that processed foods cause trouble for both my diabetes and my BPH. I don’t want to continue to put this off. Over the next year, I am going to avoid all processed foods like the plague. As to adding starches to my diet, I plan to begin with sweet potatoes.


I still have to decide whether or not to give up coffee and tea as part of my plan to reduce BPH. This could just be too much to put into place at one time. 


Before I begin my new plan tomorrow, I will have seven days of new content in the can. This will give me some breathing room as I create 3000 words each day. Now I don’t want to limit myself to three thousand words because voice typing allows me to create even more than that. I just have to have a system that makes use of short down times for creating content and for exercise.


One thing I have to include every day as a walk outside.


Not only is walking outside in the Florida sun vital to getting vitamin D and fighting the Coronavirus, it’s vital just to get out of the house.


Part of my problem is being stuck inside this house all day. I go early in the morning to Panera Bread and Walmart for supplies and just to see other people.

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