Raw Food with David Wolfe, Integrative Nutrition Guest Speaker

Raw Food with David Wolfe, Integrative Nutrition Guest Speaker

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Easier in theory than in practice.

I spent 16 to 17 years of my life traveling the world in an educational program to deliver very important information about raw and living foods. Super foods super herbs living spring water and the best day ever to folks who are really hungry for this kind of information, The Integrative Nutrition students are really committed. As a group, I’ve noticed, throughout my travels around the world that there are Integrative Nutrition students in all different countries, doing all different kinds of work related to the environment, sustainable agriculture, unique types of farming, doing all different kinds of retreat, centers activities of ecological sustainability in The context of politics, All different kinds of things like that are going on And that’s what really kind of turned me on to The Integrative Nutrition School to a point where I really am committed to being here every year.

Because I judge obviously the fruit tree by the fruit that it bears And what’s going on out there, what I see is absolutely amazing. I mean people who’ve become yoga teachers, people who’ve become health coaches, people who are helping paraplegics folks, who are out there, helping people who are really strung out on pharmaceutical medications And this institute.

What it’s doing is it’s allowing enough educators to be out there to help these people get back to home, Get back to their original natural state of feeling, good and healthy and feeling, like there’s hope in the world that things could get better.

It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve done about 1800 1900 events over the last 16 to 17 years And what my role really is is to demonstrate to people what choices are really available to them. We have the greatest choices ever in the history of the world. We have the healthiest choices ever in the history of the world.

And it’s creating that awareness.

And I know that after somebody comes to an event or perhaps reads one of my books or finds out about me through the internet. What happens is, is there’s a derivative, long term benefit And that’s such a joy. It influences people in the health food store where they suddenly are shopping for organic foods. It influences folks in a way of looking at raw food, a little bit differently and realizing.

Okay. We have to have some raw food in our diet, because that’s natural, that’s the original food that was here
It has a very strong influence in demonstrating to people viscerally in a real vibrational way, where you can feel it the power of living foods, In particular, super foods and the living vegetable juices, fresh vegetable juice, and what that can do for you, And these things just Stack over the years,

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