Power Foods For the Brain – Part 1 – Dr. Neal Barnard

Power Foods For the Brain – Part 1 – Dr. Neal Barnard

Sharpen Your Memory, Enhance your Brain

1 in 5 Americans between the ages of 75-84 develop Alzheimer’s disease. After 85, it hits almost half of us. Also frighteningly common are strokes, which can devastate our ability to speak, move and think. These stats are pretty disturbing and I think are concerning to many of us as the baby boomers start to hit their 60-70s.

1) At Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, they have been tracking people and teasing apart what separates those who stay sharp throughout life from those who don’t. Would you share what they found?

2) How does our brain creates a new memory trace?

3) What role does sleep play in the process of creating a memory?

4) What is mild cognitive impairment?

5) How can you tell whether mild cognitive impairment will turn into something more serious?

6) What is alzheimer’s disease and what are the symptoms.

7) If we could look inside the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s…what would we find?

8) A person with Alzheimer’s Disease has lost brain cells. Do these cells die? What about the synaptic connections?

9) There is a genetic component of Alzheimer’s Disease. Would you explain what an alleles are and what are the 3 common alleles.

10) So, if I don’t have this gene for Alzheimer’s…does this mean I won’t get it?

11) What is vascular dementia? What are the common causes?

12) What is a stroke and how can you tell if you are about to have one? Is there any warning….and if you do have one… what impact can that have on the body?

13) What are Lewy bodies? and what do they indicate? Is there a connection with Alzheimer’s.

14) How about Frontotemporal Dementia? What is this? What impact does it have on the body?

15) What are steps we can do to protect the brain?

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