[Music] [Laughter] [Music] hello guys we are in New York no I just kiss your eyelid so and it’s out here for work the three weeks I’ve come out to stay what can you just stop so and it’s not here for so and it’s out here for three weeks for work I plan to join him for about eight or nine days and we’re kind of working during the week we’re on the weekends which is right now exploring a little bit touristy so where we going to explore today we’re gonna go over to Brooklyn and Williamsburg and have a look around [Music] there’s a really good food over that there’s a good really cool food market got a go for Brooklyn Bridge the first things first we’re gonna go for a workout what’s the workout called multi-run club sorry it’s all about running guys I don’t run so I don’t know why I booked this kill you I was feeling very ambitious so wish you luck [Music] okay what was your better two plus Mary sweaty like the sweatiest class had been – yeah it was turn yeah it’s tough yeah there’s like non-stop running yeah yeah there was no like recovery warty its recovery like John I thought everybody else than that was like season runners and where that like we don’t write but I enjoyed it yeah we got through it and now we’re gonna go get some breakfast and we so placed on the road called the broken coconuts so we’re gonna see if that’s a friend so we’ll show you what we eat so for breakfast this morning we’ve got an avocado toast to share and it’s got scrambled eggs with a side of toast and I’ve got like an oat chia pudding with toasted almonds and blueberries let’s put my hand in the avocado weeps so this is our breakfast spread let’s took in all right showered freshened up and we are ready to go and explore Brooklyn and Williamsburg we will take you with us and we will definitely show you what we eat because there’s set to be a food market is that to be all sorts of giving us so I’m excited this is the street where buddy gets their Instagram photos with Manhattan Bridge in the background literally look it’s like a low-key photo shoot location it’s all going down so Anthony mall what area are we and where where’s da Wanga it’s on the other side of the bridge so basically ends will come out will be up in you got own milk Americana and I have got an almond milk or oat milk which one I’m and milk matcha and others got himself a carrot cake muffin that looks amazing soaking into these before you start really digging into the depths of Brooklyn and Williamsburg [Music] so we are in a cab we’re heading from Brooklyn into Williamsburg because the lunch we’re going to a feed market called Smorgasburg burg smokers back smokes walks back we have no idea we don’t know basically when I asked on social media what we had to do in Brooklyn and Williamsburg every single person recommended this food market it’s like over 70 or 80 food stores all different types apparently it’s gonna be quite tough for plastic for UI because everything’s back is in plastic and I didn’t bring to Blair so we will see what I can do but I’m excited to eat yes [Music] all right school town or something I spend – you know what it’s called they do let’s at long last we play this erosion veganize for favors so I have to be honest if you know we go to the village and a cone I’m so excited about it babe look at that look at that my notes are so good so we have Tamala sh our ice cream hello we are now about to get the ferry from Williamsburg Brooklyn then we’re gonna walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge because everybody says it’s great walking over the Brooklyn Bridge towards Brooklyn the best way to walk over it is towards Manhattan because that’s when you get the view of the skyline so we’re gonna go walk like a Brooklyn Bridge go back to our hotel get ready and then go for some dinner okay slight change of plan first day that arrived was full so now we have to wait for the second ferry fingers to cost us some space on it but also the sky is starting to cloud over it’s full cut to rain so a little bit above his beds we’re going to get the boat all the way back to Manhattan and we’ll still get an amazing view I I’m sure the fingers cost you make it before the clouds break and the rain falls down because the sky looks threatening also look at this queue of people we are all waiting to get on this boat I really hope they have space jackpot [Music] we are now walking down Wall Street and we’re about to pass aunts office Oh number sixty Wall Street come say hi I’ll do it me up on Monday so we’ve come back to our hotel we literally just need to have some time off our feet because it’s been non-stop Go Go Go all day we went to Whole Foods picked up some kombucha I’ve got a guava kombucha but it’s never had a computer before so yeah I’ve got a guava kombucha can I have some of this chill out and then we’re gonna look a nice place to have some dinner around Manhattan the rain has not come yet so maybe by some sort of miracle we’re just gonna have a cloudy evening and no rain but I wouldn’t hold it to it mm-hmm okay we have settled on our dinner destination what is Anthony more let me do this part of law okay okay so guys we are showered and ready to go for dinner and we are going with a we’re going to the butcher’s daughter which is a vegan restaurant most people go there for breakfast or lunch but we’re going to go there for dinner so hopefully it’s gonna be nice and quiet fingers crossed we’ll show you so see there three two one band is that gonna be the transition [Laughter] [Music] as we are back at the hotel it’s hammering it down outside so we were lazy and we got an uber that right it’s very right is that factually correct it’s factually correct okay all right so now we’re gonna end the vlog yeah that’s what do I need to do we just tell them if they liked it let’s give it a cheeky thumbs up just subscribe to my channel and just leave a comment down below cool that’s about it that’s about it we’re gonna watch some TV now there’s uh this good sports on TV we’re gonna watch them stepbrothers or somehow that cool cool yeah okay guys bye time

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