Morning Routine 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits!

Morning Routine 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits!

Good morning, Good Life In this video, I’m so excited to be sharing with you, my updated 2021 morning, procedure buckle up( soft music ). I knock things off each week day between 4:45 and 5:00. Am I don’t know why? But for some reason I feel like if I wake up after 5:00, AM I’m already behind the bullet on the 5:00 AM hour, So I feel a lot better right. Around 4:53

If I’m like, okay, we are in gear, we’re out of bed and we’re getting started. Next is newly important to me I livid na. Let my parish know that I’m not fool of it and I actually do wake up early in the morning, just in case they’re wondering – and I snarl a picture of my watch to post to my Instagram floors to give them a little bit of that motivation.# GMGLclub

My very first stop in the morning is in the lavatory to do my skincare and brush my teeth, because even only moving around the muscles on my face weighs as move to me. So I’m checking that box.

Once my face is awake, I manager downstairs and I prep my lemon ocean and turn the coffee utensil on Once. I’Ve got my lemon water. I go into the living room and I sit down to do a reflection practise, but it’s not actual musing. It is something that I be interested to hear in a YouTube. Video by Tony Robbins announced “ Priming ” Feel centered paws flat on the soil back straight, but pleasant , good-for-nothing on your sip and we’re gon na start by three places of 10 breathing Close your eyes paws come up here. We disappear Feel what you’re feeling

Just fill up with the grateful of that time,

Breathe the course you breathe and feel so good Might even have an inner smile that may show up on your face. You never know.( buzzer peals ). Once I finished priming, I coming to an end my lemon ocean and I grab my celery juice. This really I juice the light before, because, very frankly, the juicer is way too loud in the morning, and my husband is asleep.

So I grabbed that celery liquor give it a good shake, and I wait about 10 to 15, maybe 20 minutes after I’ve had my last-place swallow of lemon liquid to start boozing my celery juice. I don’t ever get to do every single thing in my procedure, but for the most part I try to I offset sufficient time for it, Regardless of what you decide is right for you. We like to stick with the three main moments of a Good Morning: Good Life in your morning, procedure

And that is movement mindfulness and domination Celery juice in hand. I ability to my dressing room to do pretty much the rest of my morning, programme, commencing with points. Pronouncements and morning sheets

If I’m feeling like I have a lot inside my brain, that’s bothering me grudges bad dreams. Perturbs stress I it is necessary do morning sheets, which is stream of consciousness. Three sheets of writing.

I have a whole video on it, so check it out if you new to the practice Whether or not I do my morning pages, I always review my goals and affirmations, And this is pretty much the easiest thing in the world. I basically simply look at the sheet before and rewrite everything from the sheet before all of the pronouncements that start me think about my dream for my own life and my business and then the goals that I am working to achieve, I basically merely Bart Simpson style: Write them as many times as I can across the page and then move on to the next one. As I go down.

The priming the goals and targets, the pronouncements the morning sheets. This is like the core extent of duration that I put toward mindfulness and it helps me so much to feel matched every day.

Next I like to get my creative liquids spurting and I will pull out a very small notebook, because if it’s too big of a notebook, I will glamorize the crap out of it. I need like a tiny notebook that is basically meaningless to me so that I can write down 10 theories And I will merely spontaneously choose 10 hypothesis for how to be healthier. 10 doctrines for a YouTube, video 10 doctrines for my life. Anything and merely meet myself come up with 10 plans.

The goal here is to come up with a lot of bad ideas and maybe a good one. Pops up. This has is an element of my favorite things, I’ve added to my routine lately. Some very good impressions have sounded up right next to some horrid ones. Next, I pull out my laptop so that I can start working on my 250 utterance purpose for the working day.

So this might be an email to my wonderful parish of parties.

Shout out to you, if you sign up for the emails, Or it might be a blog post or it might be an simply a little motivational quotation, but something that fixes me feel like I’ve already made something for the world to be a better place before the Sun has even come up 250 words. Minimum is my goal. Every day, Once I caused those 10 ideas and I’ve also written something. This is the mastery bucket for my morning, And so once I’ve checked that off. I have had an amazing morning chore, and I has actually just stop right. There.

Since I’m more of a mid morning to early afternoon exerciser, I do a little bit of working out in the morning, but good-for-nothing that lawsuits me to sweat or delay me getting to work. As soon as I can.

So the first thing that I’ll do is just read an app that various kinds of coaches me on healthy rehearsals, mental material that offsets me feel like. Oh if I gobble smart, then look at all this great things, I’m doing for my form And simply things like that. What I need to do in my foreman opening to eat healthful the working day, act healthy. That daylight determines me on the right wavelength And then I follow it up with a few cases exerts to help build up my posterior bird dog and trendy thrusters and throwing the kettlebell for a few cases reps.

I frequently exclusively do those activities Monday through Thursday, but religiously Monday through Thursday, Because I’m up so early and I’ve already is doing everything this material and a little bit of exercise and my celery juice has completely ran itself through. I’M grabbing my bowl of chocolate, but I’m likewise going to have a couple of protein missiles that I prepare on Sunday lights for the whole week.

This gives me enough to eat that is healthy, but really early in the morning. I’M not trying to have a full-on breakfast. If I do every single thing on this list, it takes me two hours And so by the time I sit down at my desk. It’S about part, til, seven

I sit down with my coffee, I feel, like I’ve had an amazing start to the day, but I still want to get an edge on my work day So, every day for an hour and a half before anyone on my squad does online and says good morning. This is my time to do the biggest hairiest craziest most difficult thing that I have to do for the day.

Usually has to do with planning or composing content. Maybe it’s editing a video, but I really call it my one thing like: what’s the only thing I have to get done today, I gaunt na do that before the Workday starts, so that I can be on for everybody else as they’re getting their day going At Some phase during that time I go and wake my husband up and the dog – and I say good morning to them to make sure that they start the day on the right calls.

Good morning, Good morning, My team comes online and I say good morning to them and I either continue to check some emails and chat with my unit or go straight to working out and then go about the rest of my date. I can’t stress enough that, only because this is my morning, routine does not mean you should do any of these things. It’S just what works for me. Like, I said shift mindfulness, domination

It’s in the planner it’s in the book. It can remind you every single era that that’s all you need for a well rounded morning, number, That’s all for today.

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