hi guys so I just got finished planning the biggest event of my life our wedding and it was really awesome I enjoyed it so much I just shared the wedding video last week so you can go and watch it I’ll link it but because it was a vegan wedding and there are all these different things that we had to keep in mind to make sure that it was vegan an ethical and everything we wanted I figured I’d share some tips with you on how YouTube can have a beautiful dream vegan wedding this video was sponsored by wedding wire who we use to help find our venue and lots of our vendors we were on a pretty strict budget so we loved wedding wire because we were able to find things that we could afford and we’re still vegan friendly and I mean it all worked out so so well so I’m super excited sharing wedding wire with you guys today and all these tips so let’s get started [Music] we would have had a really hard time pulling off our dream vegan wedding if we weren’t able to find the right venue because here in Los Angeles and probably throughout the United States a lot of wedding venues require you to use one of their favorite or preferred caterers and so many of these preferred caterers they can do vegan food but that’s not their specialty and it was really important for us to have amazing vegan food and be able to use our favorite preferred caterer so on wedding wire you can search for your venue and vendors basically you type in where you live and a bunch of stuff populate you can read reviews and all these things see photos see price estimates so here I was looking for the perfect outdoor very green and lush venue and I came across the 1909 Topanga which is in Topanga Canyon which is just north of Los Angeles and it was gorgeous actually I was afraid to look at the price because it was so pretty I just couldn’t I just assumed like it was out of our price range but luckily I didn’t have to contact them there was like a price estimate own wedding wire so I was able to see that it was in our budget and that is the venue we went with because it was in our budget because it’s outdoors and it’s gorgeous and because they allow you to bring any cater you want you can use their in-house cater restaurant or you can bring your own so of course that’s what we did so if you guys watched my previous video from a few months ago where we were looking for the perfect wedding caterer and cake maker you know that we tried a few different caterers and we ended up going with everybody’s favorite at least from the comment section and definitely my favorite Loren fonder pull who makes the most delicious and colorful and artistic vegan soul food all the the guests at the wedding were so impressed all right there was no food leftover it was gorgeous it was delicious Lauren was amazing she was there it was like I couldn’t even it couldn’t have been any better except it could have been like what would have been better it would have been if I had like a lot of food to take home for the rest of the week because it was so good and I couldn’t stop thinking about it like I still I mean it’s been three months and I’m still thinking about it so Max and I are both vegan as you know but most of our wedding guests were not I think in total they were like maybe three other vegans so we had 50 guests total most of them not vegan but we really really wanted to wow them with this vegan food and show them that you can still have a wedding and you can do it without any animal products everybody loved the food people are getting up for thirds that’s why we didn’t have any leftovers at all everyone’s just so happy and so surprised and so impressed with everything that Lauren made and we even had our rehearsal dinner the night before in an Indian restaurant which everything was vegan our family loved it and even the people who are a little critical a little skeptical of the vegan lifestyle they loved the food at the Indian restaurant and the food at the wedding so if you’re concerned about your family or even your friends not being open to you having a vegan wedding and eating vegan food at your wedding don’t worry as long as the food is delicious they will be they’ll forget it’s vegan they won’t care and that’s a great way to introduce people your new family into your lifestyle and of course we went for a gorgeous delicious vegan wedding cake and for our cake maker we ended up going with Kristen from baby love sweeter II it was amazing I mean I’m still thinking about the cake as well I cannot wait to be able to order another one we did the dark chocolate salted caramel with a buttercream icing which was tiered and there were flowers put on there by Kristen and the florist it was so so so delicious we also hired a wedding planner Michelle newson from wonderland events found her own wedding wire she’s incredible we weren’t sure if we were gonna have a wedding planner before but we sat down with her we really liked her energy we really liked her attitude and she seemed like the perfect person to help us plan the wedding and also do the day of coordination because you definitely need somebody to do the day of coordination who’s you the bride and the groom y’all don’t need to be worrying about that so Michelle she’s not vegan herself so keep that in mind just because the person is not vegan doesn’t mean they cannot help you plan your wedding and it doesn’t mean they won’t be open-minded look for someone who is open-minded who is willing to work with you and understand your lifestyle and still make your event an incredible and you guys met her in a previous video where we went and saw the venue and we also took Michelle out afterwards for an amazing vegan meal at a restaurant here in Los Angeles I love me this is she was so impressed I think she might be going vegan now I don’t know Michelle are you I think I think she might be mmm of course they had to hire other vendors like the florists and the videographer and the DJ and it didn’t really matter if they were vegan I always loved to introduce a non vegans to our lifestyle so it might be better that they’re not vegan but we were able to find really great people like a wedding wire actually our makeup artist I loved I actually met her at a PETA shoot so I was doing something for PETA and she definitely makeup when we clicked and I loved how I looked so she was a makeup artist for the day all the vendors were incredible make sure you check out my blog posts also because I will link all of our vendors so in case you’re getting married in Los Angeles or the LA area I have great recommendations to help you the most difficult thing for having a wholly vegan wedding was finding our wardrobe my wedding dress Max’s suit but I will say it was a lot of fun it just took a lot of time of course I wanted the perfect dress I didn’t want to settle for anything less than perfect so I looked for a long time I tried on so many different dresses also like I told you guys we were on a budget so I wasn’t trying to spend $1,000 or more on a dress so I ended up buying my dress from Poshmark it’s a sample used dress from their couture I kid you not I spent two hundred and thirty dollars before alterations alterations are like 170 on top of that the job that is amazing and it is it is my dream dress I’m I was so happy with it I’m kind of sad that I’m gonna sell it because I just loved it so much and we also use Poshmark for Max’s suit so if you don’t know Poshmark is just a marketplace online where you can buy used clothing so max’s sumers from there was the Zara suit which we got tailored to fit him perfectly also again we’re on a budget a lot of suits are made with roll so obviously we’re gonna point that back to the wedding dress too a lot of wedding dresses are made with silk and sometimes scrubbers so of course I want to avoid back actually I have a full blog post about our wedding wardrobe so lots of tips including how I found my dress how max on his suit one of my favorite culture three designers where I discovered during this whole process is one there so no matter your budget you can definitely find the perfect wedding dress and suit and everything else so for me I just had to wear my dress a veil which I got on Etsy and my shoes which are she’s already had for max he needed to buy this suit new shoes new belt and he also ended up kind of making his own bolo tie or repurposing from leather bolo tie and making it into a vegan friendly one and everything was it was just it all worked so well he looked amazing we both look good I’ll say his shoes gorgeous shoes were from wills vegan shoes which is an English company who ship all around the world and they’re shipping superfast and his belt was brown brave gentlemen Max’s biggest expense though was his shirt from industry of all nations it’s really cool ethically made clothing company I mean it’s the show he can wear at other peoples wedding for a long time to come so it’s definitely worth the money oh and one other thing it is actually really easy to buy vegan wedding clothes there are so many websites the only thing is a lot of that is fast fashion so sure they might not be using animal skins and in products but they certainly are usually exploiting humans and humans are animals too so we don’t want to support that so instead what you can do if you’re on a tight budget you can shop on Poshmark you can shops just second hand in general there are all these different websites or of course if you have a larger budget you can invest in buying something or buying a dress or a suit or whatever from a company that you know is producing their clothing ethically of course without animal products but of also of course keeping in mind the safety the welfare the being paid of the people who actually make the clothes Venera wedding certainly was a lot of work took a lot of time but it was a lot of fun too because we were doing it all in vegan so we were finding out about companies and was such a fun challenge for the both of us and in the end we had an amazing event that we love that will never ever forget that our families loved and they’re still talking about and it’s just great I mean I really learned that I mean I always I knew that’s vegan Lutheran what’s growing and everything but it made me feel even more confident that this movement is growing because what aren’t that hard it is actually a lot easier than I even I realize to have an amazing vegan wedding even on a budget no matter your budget you can do this so hopefully you found this video helpful make sure you check out the blog post that I did about shopping for your vegan fashions your wedding dress and everything and also the blog post that I’m going to do for this video to sharing more tips and also the links to all of our amazing vendors doing the research for our wedding really helped me figure out like how I can just for other people’s weddings how I can find great clothes there are so many ways to be vegan go to a wedding get married go to prom go to any sort of event where you’re like we’re you a vegan dress or whatever it’s so easy I promise you you can do it and you can look great thanks for watching guys and thank you to wedding wire for sponsoring this video and making wedding planning so much easier for Mexican we loved working with that website have you had a vegan wedding or have you been to a big morning it’s so let me know in the comments below how it went or what you ate and all that good stuff make sure you check out my other wedding videos also I’ll see you next time bye [Music]

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