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what’s up guys it’s Nicole also known as Nikki vegan and today I’m going to be talking about some things that no one tells you about going vegan and I’m going to be really honest really blunt and just share kind of my personal experiences with you I did do a video like this with my friends on the vegan view and I loved that episode so if you haven’t seen it make sure you check out the description box below but this is going to be a little bit more personal just from my personal experiences everything from changes in my body to changes in my life in general and how veganism has really played a part in that first thing that no one tells you about going vegan is the bloating and the gas and yeah the farting which isn’t a great thing to talk about on the internet but I wish more people did especially when I first went vegan because when I first went vegan all I saw were you know girls and crop tops and bikinis on Instagram you know drinking banana smoothies and living you know their best life and then when I went vegan I felt really good and I lost a lot of weight but I definitely have you know a food baby at the end of every night like I had a lot of you know kind of bloating and it wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable but I was kind of like is this gonna be forever because this isn’t really what it seems like I’ve seen on Instagram and the truth is it really is normal especially in the beginning if you’re coming from a standard American diet which is generally pretty low in fiber to a whole food plant-based diet it’s just so much more fiber for your body to process and it just takes some time your body will adjust over time naturally but there are a few things that you can do to help it that really helped me and the first one don’t roll your eyes but it’s drinking enough water because fiber really does need water to kind of help push it through your system don’t force yourself to drink too much water but do try to drink a lot of water especially in between meals to help flush your system and prepare your body for the fiber that you’re gonna be eating another tip that I have is from like the vegan and he says that when you’re going from the standard American diet to a plant-based diet you can kind of baby step in to plant foods that are lower in fiber and work your way up it can be as simple as checking chronometer and checking to see you know which plant foods have the most fiber you know white rice has less fiber than brown rice so maybe you eat white rice in the beginning and work your way up to brown rice and that sort of thing and that way it’s more of a gradual change and that will really reduce bloating if you already are vegan and you’re like my body hasn’t really adjusted something I talked about in my bloating and gas video which I did on this channel is about how intuitive eating really does help you and I know intuitive eating is one of those concepts like balanced it’s like what does that actually mean and for me it just means listening to my body and if it feels funny or weird or tired or in pain I just respond to it and I’ve learned how to do that just by really kind of tuning in and being gentle so for example I used to not be able to eat raw are a lot of raw foods in general I was really stressed out for a while last year I’m a very busy person and I just wasn’t handling it well and everything was stressing me out so eating raw foods like raw apples was really upsetting my stomach and I noticed that every time I ate apples it hurt my stomach but I ate apples anyway because apples are healthy right they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and so I figured it was unrelated to the Apple because apples are healthy and what I learned is that my body doesn’t really love eating raw apples especially not at that time and so it was actually unhealthy to eat that food for me so I cut foods like that out replace them with softer more easy to digest cooked foods and really tried to be gentle with my body and with my digestive system and it was a game changer for me the second thing that no one tells you about going vegan is how easy it is everyone acts like it is so hard to be vegan including me on myself I want it to be a perfect vegan I was really fascinated with all these superfood powders and these different you know things you can add to it and making sure I had vegan options everywhere I went and it was a very stressful thing for a little while trying to make sure that I would be able to maintain my veganism but what I’ve learned is the more stripped down bare bones basic version of a vegan diet which is in my opinion a whole food plant-based diet is actually one of the most no-brainer ways to eat because you don’t really have to worry about overcooking things or undercooking things the way you do with meat you know you don’t have to spend a lot of money on these superfood powders because whole foods in their own perfect form are a perfect food they generally have vitamins protein fat carbohydrates fiber all within this pretty package you know of a fruit or vegetable or a whole grain or a legume so as long as you’re eating a wide variety of those types of foods you’re going to be doing just fine you don’t have to stress so much about making sure you get one specific nutrient or adding you know vitamin C powder or extra fiber to anything like you’re getting all of that from the food and it really is such a freeing experience to be able to trust that eating this way is natural and good for you it’s the way we’re intended to eat and so therefore you can really kind of take a load off and just trust that you’re doing the best thing for your body also in terms of traveling I think being prepared is the best way to not stress about it I’m going on a trip soon and I’ve been on many trips as a vegan and yeah not being able to find vegan food is a legit thing so being prepared is the number one way to kind of ease the stress and make sure that you’re going to have a healthy option because the times that people tend to fall off the vegan bandwagon is when they are hungry and there’s not a lot of vegan options around I recommend traveling with things like instant oatmeal packets or you know homemade granola bars or store-bought vegan protein bars dried fruit fresh fruit making sandwiches in your hotel room having them in your backpack you know being able to have food like that at your fingertips really does make it so much easier for you to kind of have peace of mind and enjoy your trip without stressing about food and you know you can always think of it as a back up like it’s definitely fun to go out and explore and see what they have but there’s no pressure to find anything because you’re prepared the longer I’ve been vegan the more I’ve learned about the animal agriculture industry and the more frustrating it is to see because what you realize is that you are not only doing better for yourself by not eating those animals but you realize how unnecessary it is you are thriving not just surviving but thriving eating this way and you’re feeling so good and you realize that you know those two to three servings of animal products that you had before are so unnecessary you can live a deliciously vibrant healthy happy life without eating them so it really comes down to just a choice of do you want to partake in this industry and the more you learn about it the more it is the most disgusting thing you can imagine because animals don’t have a voice and we really are you know a steward over them and it is a gross injustice the way that we’re treating them and I never thought about it in that way even though I always knew you know where my food came from me I knew that porkchop was a pig but I I thought that it was natural to eat meat the thing is it’s not natural to breed the billions of animals that we bring into the world every year in the US alone just for food purposes and then kill them in these you know mass quantities literally billions of the be every year and they’re not kept in the best circumstances even the ones that are ultimately aren’t in a lot of ways you know you see these dairy cows out you know on the side of the highway highway and it looks like they’re living the life like moseying around but a lot of them have had their children taken away from them or they’re kind of quarantined in these small places later on in their lives and ultimately slaughtered and if you’ve ever seen pig vidual videos where these pigs are being transported to the slaughterhouses a lot of times they’ve gone without food or water for days they’re piled up on top of each other and the audio alone of the videos of the sounds of the crying pigs will just make you absolutely sick to your stomach it makes me emotional I’m just thinking about it because it’s so unnecessary even if it was natural to go out and hunt for a pig that would be one Pig this is thousands of pigs every day at each slaughterhouse and these animals are terrified and pigs are smarter than dogs they are smarter than three children I’ve seen a pig color-code a puzzle not just put the right piece in the puzzle but color code like put the blue piece in the blue hole and the yellow one I mean it’s insane how smart they are and Danny my friend Danny who does the vegan view with me said something that I’ll never forget she said you know maybe pigs aren’t my favorite animal you know maybe I prefer dogs but my prejudice of one animal over the other doesn’t mean that I want one animal to suffer and the other one not to and that was mind blowing to me because that’s exactly right we’ve been trained to think that you know dogs and cats are lovely pets to love and nurture and you know livestock is food and the thing is they’re the same they feel the same they cry when they’re scared they flee paint gonna get emotional they’ve run away from pain the same way that every animal does and just the idea that we continue to do this in the numbers that we do it in it just makes me so sad and that’s really the thing that makes me feel like when I do feel like I’m an angry vegan it’s because I feel like the people who say that they love me and say that it’s natural to eat meat have never been to something like one of these Pig vigils where these cars like if they’re not even cars they’re semi trucks filled with these animals who haven’t eaten in days and they’re scared and crying and they’re going to meet their death and then we say that it’s worth it because we love bacon like that’s me it’s so selfish and that’s the thing that gets me really angry because if that truck was filled with dogs or cats people would lose their mind there’s a place here in LA called oysters I’ve never been there but I Drive by it all the time and it’s infuriating because it’s obviously a place that sells Pig sausages but if that place was called meows or you know bark stirs or something where they had cat and dog sausages people would lose their mind they would be you know petitioning and rioting and protesting and trying to get that place closed down but because it’s a pig and a pig is food it’s okay and it’s just the insensitivity of that name and the whole idea that one animal is better than the other because it’s less cute or more cute it’s just it’s so messed up there’s so many things you can’t control on this life but you can control what’s on your plate and you are not missing out on anything by not contributing to animal cruelty I live a life of delicious food it’s not a sacrifice it is a joy I’ve helped my body so much I lost weight I helped my relationship with food so much coming from an eating disorder past I’ve found friends and tried new flavors and new foods and so many benefits have come from switching over to a plant-based diet and if you can live that way why wouldn’t you at least try some of the time maybe you don’t have to be full vegan but why wouldn’t you just try to make more conscious choices which brings me to my fourth and final point the last thing that I’ve learned from being vegan is how much power I actually have I never really realized that you know there’s so many things in the world that you can’t control like I said but this is something you can control and you save thousands of animals thousands of gallons of water you reduced greenhouse gases and your own personal well-being is enhanced so much by eating this way measurably my cholesterol has gone down measurably my weight has gone down my skin is cleared up there’s so many benefits to this diet and it’s because of the choices I make every single day it’s not one big change it’s a series of choices that I make every day no one’s forcing me to be vegan no one’s standing next to me you know moderate monitoring what I eat I choose every time I eat something of my own volition to make a choice to be conscious and to be compassionate towards myself and to the planet and to the animals and all those little choices add up and make you so confident and you feel so empowered and I can’t tell you how much that has radiated to other parts of my life and drastically changed everything like the way I treat people the way I treat myself the way I view what I’m capable of it’s incredible and it’s absolutely life-changing so those are some things that I did not expect when going vegan I want to know what you didn’t expect or what you can relate to so let me know down in the comments if you are not a vegan I hope you know that I am not judging you I’m just asking you to try to make good choices when you can you know try to reduce the amount of animal products that you eat try to be conscious of where your food comes from you know just try to be you know plant-based a couple times a day or a couple times a week I promise you it’s only going to benefit you it’s only gonna make a great impact on the planet and decrease animal suffering and that is only going to be good for everyone so thank you guys for watching I love you I hope you have a great day and I will see you next time bye

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